Tailor-made Formulas for Success for your Company

Market entrance

We have developed the necessary planning elements for you, in order to guarantee a decisive advantage over your competitors. Thereby, we are able to fall back on our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and our expertise on China and take the internal and external general conditions of your exposure in China into account.

Based on a common analysis of your initial situation as well as your objectives, we are able to develop various choices of action and accompany you each step of the way in implementing them. Thereby, we also take legal questions into special consideration by consulting with internationally renowned legal offices that we maintain a very close network with.

We provide a detailed overview of current investment conditions of competitive commercial centers and special economic zones. Profit from our personal contact to policy makers in key positions as well and find the perfect location with our help.

We not only take hard facts into consideration here, but we also respond to aspects that are important for sustainable exposure, like skilled employee availability or good cooperation with local agencies and institutions.

The Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise has become more prevalent for market entry over the past few years. We will handle the establishment as well as the registration of your subsidiary.

For the formation of a Joint Venturewe will support you in your negotiations with your Chinese partner and you can also utilize our years of experience in negotiating cooperation agreements. Our contact to renowned legal offices is at your service for contractual questions as well.

The concept of Temporary Representationis recommended for simple market entry. It allows you to collect market information or to make initial contact with suppliers and customers. Maximum flexibility is achieved thanks to short contract periods.

Wie ist die Akquisition, Lagerhaltung, Lieferbereitschaft und der Service optimal zu gestalten? Zur Beantwortung dieser Fragen erstellen wir effiziente Modelle und stehen Ihnen für die zügige und reibungslose Umsetzung zur Seite.

Bei dem Vertriebsaufbau berücksichtigen wir insbesondere die Verknüpfung von Vertrieb und Marketing, da der chinesische Markt nicht homogen ist. Eine phasenweise Erschließung auf Stadt- oder Provinzebene ist daher zu empfehlen. Je nach Branche und Produkte wird eine genaue Analyse für den Vertriebsaufbau erstellt. Dies geschieht in enger Abstimmung mit unseren Büros vor Ort.

Über unsere Personaldienstleistungen können wir für Sie qualifizierte Vertriebsmitarbeiter finden.


Market studies, subject studies or industry studies – Far Eastern offers everything from one source and has already created numerous studies for European organizations and companies. Some of our studies are published nationally and have greatly supported the exposure of various companies in China. We ensure significant and reliable results thanks to careful examination and efficient preparation of data sets.

Our infrastructure in China, as well as our flexible staff even make it possible for us to implement comprehensive market studies quickly. We fall back on modern IT technology for the investigation and analysis of data.

In section B2C, we offer cross-sector product tests and end consumer surveys.

Far Eastern Consulting has access to its own experts via an expansive service network of German and Chinese advertising agencies, ad writers, programmers and printing houses in order to best place your products on the Chinese market. We place special focus on print and online media.

We will consult you during the development of an effective marketing concept and match you to the most suitable partners, in order to guarantee high-quality results. Thereby, we will make sure German and Chinese ideas are consistent and measures are efficiently implemented and suitable for the target group.

Our staff has many years of experience with the translation and design of Chinese figurative marks. The Chinese language provides numerous options when translating brand names. Thus, we take both phonetic as well as contextual aspects into account and will perform a survey at different locations to see if the selected name is accepted. Our experiences shows that how a translations is understood in China varies from region to region.

Trademark application in China is a multi-level process, starting with the selection of respective product groups and classes. We will accompany you throughout the subsequent application process until you receive the final certificate. We will check any possible appeals by public authorities or third parties.

Project management

Projects in China require a painstaking initiation and/or preparation phase. Potential hurdles should already be moved out of the way a head of time and binding agreements made. In addition to private companies, government entities normally have to be incorporated as well.

We know from experience how projects can be successfully initiated with the involvement of various stakeholders. Far Eastern Consulting also has access to a wide network of contacts that can be of great use when initiating a project.

Project implementation in China is more complex than in Germany due to various ideas and cultural attributes. In order to successfully setup your projects, Far Eastern Consulting is not only there for you to provide consistent communication with various local cooperation partners, but also for strategic consultation during project implementation. We also provide methods of resolution, especially for differing opinions and we communicate these to your business partners.

Cost and performance review often become an unexpected challenge for Germany companies in China. We help by ensuring that objectives are reached and the project plan is adhered to. Hidden costs as well as possible delays are already anticipated and communicated a head of time. We ensure that the local conditions are realistically taken into account in the project plan and there are as few discrepancies as possible.

Human resource management

We are your partner when it comes to recruiting qualified personnel in China, from skilled workers to executives. Our structured search includes going over incoming applications, reference request as well as conducting telephone and personal interviews. Subsequently, we provide the results in a clear report and introduce you to the most promising candidates.

Upon request, we also provide support for organizing work contracts for both local employees as well as expatriates. In addition, we guide expatriates through the necessary steps when applying for a work visa.

Thanks to our wide network of policy makers in Germany and China, we are able to directly address executives and highly-qualified specialists from numerous branches and thus, occupy important positions quickly.

In addition to personal contacts in commerce, Far Eastern Consulting has access to a comprehensive and up-to-date job applicant database that we use for headhunting projects.

As a long-term partner and consultant, an off-limits clause goes without saying.

We are able to provide you, depending on requirement specifications, a selection of employees within the frame of interim management who are flexible and can can be directly appointed. Our interim managers have comprehensive experience with the development of solutions and are able to quickly and efficiently react to problems.

Furthermore, our network has numerous highly-qualified and experienced interim managers from various branches. During selection and recommendation, we take their background into consideration accordingly, match them to your initial situation and accompany the cooperation throughout the entire period.


We will look for cooperation partners that you can start a long-term business relationship with based on your product and supplier requirements. After researching and then making contact to the respective supplier, our staff will visit their production and make a comprehensive report about the company's productivity.

After a supplier has been selected, we will support you in handling sample orders, price negotiations, contract development and logistics.

In addition to quality control by our experienced on-site staff, we offer both product and documentation checks according to valid standards. Hereby, our experts not only check whether the goods conform to your requirements, but whether these are correctly packaged as well. Checking import/export documents goes without saying for us.

In the case of a complaint, we will take care of the coordination activities required due to this and develop solutions together with you.